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High Power® Sports is a ministry of Base Sports which exists to train the local church in using sports as an authentic ministry tool. Basically, we’re here to serve and equip you. We have the tools and experience to help you effectively reach kids and families through sports, no matter your level of expertise.


Read what other High Power Sports users have said? 

Pleasanton Evangelical Free Church in Pleasanton, CA - High Power Sports attendance has more than doubled in 3 years!

Brenda Sauter told us that they love High Power! Their High Power camp has shown amazing results—a church with 3 kids on an average Sunday morning brought in 112 kids to their High Power camp!

Our attendance at High Power camp has been great!

  • 1st year - 55 kids
  • 2nd year - 77 kids
  • 3rd year - 112 kids

Wow! This is amazing, especially considering that our small church has 60 in attendance each week with only 3 children 6th grade and under. This is the exact reason we didn’t have VBS for many years. We simply did not have the manpower or resources to handle most of the VBS packaged programs that are out there. When we were introduced to High Power, we knew that this was just the VBS-style program we were looking for. Not only was there not a lot of overhead cost involved, but also the ability to attract teenagers to help us as coaches was so much easier because it involved soccer! This year we saw 10 children trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. Lives are being changed, we are reaching into our community, and kids are learning about Jesus!

On another note:This is the second year that we have sponsored High Power Sports at our local military base. We were invited to bring in our program for the children of the soldiers who live on the base. Last year, we had 43 kids attend HPS. At that time, there was one family that attended Chapel Services at the base. After High Power, the new chaplain visited the HPS families and his church grew to over 60! This year we had 70 kids at HPS, and chapel attendance grew to 90! They currently need to remodel the chapel to accommodate their growth! What an amazing impact HPS has had these last two years!

Richland Baptist Church in Richardson, TX – High Power Sports more than doubled their summer ministry attendance.

Cassie Glover, Minister to Children and Youth at Richland Baptist Church in Richardson, TX, told us that they love High Power! She shares about the amazing results they saw from using High Power —almost a fourfold increase from their traditional VBS!

A few years ago, our church decided to try something different for Vacation Bible School, since most of the churches in our area offered the same program. We purchased the High Power materials from Awana, and were blown away at how God used Soccer Camp to reach kids in our neighborhood. A traditional VBS would yield about 20 kids, and most of them were our own church members. Our first year of Soccer Camp brought 70 kids plus parents. You could feel God working through the kids, and each night more kids came because their friends were so excited. The materials were so easy to use, and I had more volunteers help with this camp than any other event. The great part is, only one of my volunteers actually knew anything about soccer. For our church, High Power Soccer is our first choice for VBS or sports camp.

Risen Church in Dexter, MO - High Power gave us “church outside of church.”

Josh Carpenter, director of Ignite Kids at Risen Church in Dexter, MO, told us that they love High Power Sports! Read this article he wrote for his denominational magazine all about how Risen Church uses High Power.

Jesus had a great method of making the truth of His gospel stick to His listeners. He would often connect His words to everyday objects: fish, coins, crops, birds, flowers, bread and wine. Taking His lead, at Risen Church each year we seek to make a similar connection with an object that kids come into contact with on a regular basis—a soccer ball. This past August we held our fourth consecutive High Power Camp in Dexter, Missouri. The goal of this camp is to produce an experience that is so positive in nature and so infused with the gospel that every time one of our campers sees a soccer ball for the rest of their lives they will remember Jesus and how much He loves them.

In our area, we found that interest in traditional VBS ministries was weakening each year and that these ministries primarily reached families from within the local churches. Our desire was to create an opportunity for unchurched families to make contact with the church in an environment that was familiar and unthreatening. As VBS seemed to decline, sports camps seemed to increase, so the thought was to try to combine the two in a way that was fun, attractive and effective in sharing the gospel.

High Power Camp is a VBS type of ministry; in fact, it is just like a VBS. Just take away the decorations, crafts, and themes and add soccer fields, soccer balls, and a group of energetic volunteers. We have modified the ministry to better fit our context. The camp lasts one week, two hours a night, and concludes with a closing program the Sunday morning following the camp. Each night includes a time to learn basic soccer skills, a snack time, a worship time that includes energetic songs and teaching time, a team time in which the individual teams discuss and respond to the night’s teaching, and game time. Each team plays a 30-minute game at the end of each night that almost all the parents return for. This offers a great time to reach out and make connections with unchurched families.

The camp is held at a local park each year to provide space for multiple soccer fields. Having the camp away from our church facilities has proven to be a plus as it offers a neutral space for unchurched families to mingle with the church. Hospitality workers prepare refreshments for the parents of campers and look for opportunities to make deeper connections.

The benefits of High Power Soccer Camp to our church have been numerous. First and foremost, souls have been saved through this ministry. During this past year’s closing program nine parents of campers gave their hearts to Jesus Christ! The following week more were added through those families. Each year we have seen families added to the Kingdom through this ministry and that certainly makes all the work that goes into it a joy.

Another great benefit is the spiritual growth that occurs within the body of the church each year as volunteers seeing the fruits of working for the Kingdom of God. Every night we would leave exhausted, hungry, and dirty, but seeing the smiles on the campers’ faces and seeing their hands lifted in praise of Jesus made each one of us want to come back one more night. I see friendships born among our volunteers and relationships deepened. The energy of the church goes up multiple levels in the weeks before and the weeks after High Power Soccer Camp.

One of my favorite parts of High Power Soccer Camp each year is seeing the church outside the walls of the church buildings. Seeing the body of Christ alive and active in the middle of a lost and dying world without the confines or protection of church walls is inspiring and encouraging. We often hear folks who happen to be walking by ask, “What’s going on here?” I always want to shout back, “This is the Church!” This effect doesn’t end at the close of the week. Many of our “coaches” volunteer to coach in community leagues throughout the year and continue to use the influence they built at High Power Soccer Camp with their campers and families. It is a thrill each year to see community league teams practicing with half the team wearing High Power Soccer t-shirts from the previous summer.

High Power Camp has become part of the culture of Risen Church. It feeds the spirit of volunteerism, service, and evangelism within the body of the church. It reminds us each year that every single child matters, every smile created is a spark of heaven invading earth, and that God can take the simplest object and redeem it for His glory. So the next time you run across a soccer ball in your yard or see some kids kicking one around a park, remember, that’s a tool that Jesus can use to show His love to a family far from God. Trust me, I’ve seen Him do it.